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Improving Awareness Of Spacing And Movement “Off” The Ball

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A player must be in each zone so as one move in, one move out ensuring movement on and off the ball. Players pass then move, move with the ball or just move off the ball. In the diagram, (1) passes to (4) who runs with the ball into another zone. This forces (3) to change zones. (2) Moves up a zone forcing (1) to move down to keep the balance between all four zones.

In this, players need to look around and find a space to go in, if an area is free then a player can go into it. This is designed simply to get players appreciating how to find space in an area and can be used as a useful warm up. Conditioning zones within an area starts the process of finding space off, as we develop the sessions they become more dynamic with few if any restrictions on where to go within the designated area.

Coaching Points:

1. Quality Passing (accuracy, pace and timing). 2. Support Positioning: Movement off the ball after passing and to get in position to receive 3. Observation and identification: of where space and team mates are to pass to or receive from or to move into space to help the player on the ball pass to another player.

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