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When you become a member of the NSCAC you will receive these benefits:

The Journal for Soccer Coaches & Newsletters

You will receive the NSCAC Newsletter monthly or bi-monthly. We’re proud of our Journal and Newsletters as most of our writers are Canadian and we hope to continue to include articles & opinions from member coaches in future issues. Due to the costs associated with creating, publishing, and printing a journal we have discontinued the printed version of The Journal for Soccer Coaches for the near future.

A digital version of the first two issues of The Journal for Soccer Coaches which was published in Spring/Winter 2017/18 can be found on this website under The Journal for Soccer Coaches.

We are always looking for content for our newsletter from our members. If you have any articles, drills, practice sessions, or even videos that you would like to share with fellow coaches, please send them to us and we will consider including them in one of our future newsletters.



By being a member, you will be allowed into the “MEMBERS ONLY” section of our website. You will receive an e-mail from us explaining how to get access to this exclusive area. Once you set up your account in the “members only” section, you’ll need to wait until we verify that you are a paid member. You’ll get an e-mail allowing you access to that area.


Enter the “members only” portion of the website to take advantage of some of the benefits of becoming a member. Some of the publications and deals that are offered with your NSCAC membership are only available in this area. Extended videos of our past clinics are in this section. If you missed any clinic or convention, you will be able to find most videos of those sessions in this portion of our website.



You will receive your NSCAC membership card in the mail shortly after you register. This card will allow you to take advantage of some of the discounts our partners are offering our members, so please show it whenever our partners ask for it. On it, you will find your membership number and your membership expiry date.


Membership discount at Soccer Specialty Stores

You will need your membership card to receive the 15% NSCAC membership discount at participating soccer stores. As of May 2019, both METROSPORT in Toronto and EUROSPORT in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Kelowna BC are offering this discount. Please note, the discount has to be honoured on the regular retail price of the product at the store. They do not have to honour the discount for on-line purchases but contact the store to verify.


We are working on including more stores. If your favourite soccer store is not a partner, please ask them to contact us to get more information on how to become an NSCAC Retail Soccer Store Partner.


NSCAC Uhlsport Discount code

We are also proud to have Uhlsport as an official partner. They are providing a 20% discount to members. Uhlsport carries a variety of soccer products including light soccer balls and futsal balls.


You can order on-line, directly from Uhlsport. You will need the special promo code to get the discount. Your promo code will be included in your welcome package that will be mailed to you.


We have also introduced official NSCAC Uhlsport Apparel. Please visit our website to order your exclusive NSCAC apparel. You can also order by sending us your order to our e-mail address, 



As a member you receive one copy of Soccer 360 Magazine. Due to extra shipping costs, your issue will be in a digital format. Log on to our members-only section when you become a member to find the link to your FREE digital issue.


Surprise your players and get your team Photo in Soccer 360 Magazine sharing pages with Messi, Ronaldo, Sinclair & more!


We have worked out an exclusive deal with Soccer 360 Magazine for your players. If your entire team subscribes to Soccer 360 Magazine at the special NSCAC rate, you can have your team photo included in the NSCAC “Teams of the Month” section of the magazine. Imagine the excitement that your players will feel when they see their team photo in the magazine sharing pages with Messi, Ronaldo,  and Sinclair.


Fill out the back of the Soccer 360 Members Subscription offer that you will receive in the mail to take advantage of this opportunity and create a memory of a lifetime for your players!



Without a doubt, one of the best benefits we have been able to provide our members is access to the excellent Byte Size Coaching program thanks to our president and former Canadian Men’s National Team Coach, Tony Waiters. For years, this has been the go-to program to help coaches with training sessions.


NSCAC coaches can log on to Byte Size Coaching and find a number of great age-appropriate sessions that will meet your needs. Waiters’ writings and insights has been the foundation for the Long Term Player Development Programs now in effect in most parts of Canada and the USA.


As a member, you will receive your customized code direct from Byte Size Coaching via e-mail. If you haven`t received it and you are a member, please contact us at  to let us know.





Another benefit of being a member of the NSCAC is the special rate you will receive for Performance Soccer Condition, an excellent source for the latest information on conditioning and nutrition for soccer players. It includes sessions that improve skill and endurance


Also, Performance Soccer Conditioning has special rates to members for their other publications. The special rates for Performance Conditioning JR and Fit-to-a- T Library are shown on our on-line membership form. If you are interested in these other sources of information, please go on-line to our membership form and add these publications at the special NSCAC rate to subscribe.



Another benefit that you will receive for being a member of the NSCAC is the quarterly publication, Amplified Soccer.  To receive Amplified Soccer, you will need to go to the “Members Only” portion of the NSCAC website. It’s a digital publication that we’re sure you’ll find very useful.


Amplified Soccer finds the best articles, opinions, information, and sessions from around the world and includes them in their publication.



Another one of our partners is Soccer Fitness Inc whose mission is to provide soccer players with the highest standard of physical training available and to maximize the potential of soccer players through improvements in physical fitness. Their guiding principles are: Quality, Integrity, Professionalism, and Continuing Education. President Richard Bucciarelli is now our Director of Sport Sciences. He offers NSCAC members discounts to his courses. If planning to take one of his courses look for the special NSCAC member discount.

Members must log onto to the “Members Only” portion of our website to qualify for his discounts.


Play The 1vs 1 Way

Ian McClurg has developed a very successful progressive Individual Learning Model for Soccer Talent Development. His e-book, Play The 1v1 Way is all about this model and he has offered NSCAC member coaches exclusive discount offer of 20%OFF the regular price. To access this discount, you must go in the “members only” section of our website.



We run mini 3-hour coaching clinics which are usually FREE to members. Check out the website for upcoming clinics.


Most 3-hour clinics run from 9:00am to 12:00noon. Each clinic offers different topics.


If you or your group would like to host a future NSCAC mini clinic or seminar, please contact our office to see what you’ll need to do.


The Last 9 Seconds- The Secrets to Scoring Goals


As a member of the NSCAC, you will be eligible for a 50% discount on the book, The Last 9 Seconds. The regular price of this book is $59.95. Details on how to order your copy of the book at the discounted price is in the “Members Only” section of the website.



Soccer Awareness eBooks


 NSCAC members receive a 25% discount on all Soccer Awareness eBooks.

Soccer Awareness founder, Wayne Harrison, held the position of Academy Director at Blackpool Professional Football Club in England and holds the prestigious UEFA “A” License, and the NSCAA Premier Diploma. Details on how to receive the exclusive NSCAC discount are in the “members only” section of the NSCAC web site.


NSCAA now called United Soccer Coaches

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (now called United Soccer Coaches) has been a partner with the NSCAC ever since its inception. We are closely tied with United Soccer Coaches and we have worked out a special deal for our members who also wish to become members of their organization. You can save money on their membership by joining as a dual member. At the moment, you can become a member of the United Soccer Coaches for an additional $75.00 CND.


The regular membership price for United Soccer Coaches is $95.00 US Funds making our special offer a great deal. Contact us if interested in adding this benefit. This special is only available to Canadian residents.


Also note that our North American Package also includes 1 Million dollar liability insurance for coaches, provided through United Soccer Coaches.



The NSCAC is now offering our members a special deal on the newest Training-aid on the market designed to make your practices “look like the pros”. The Visper training-aid mannequin works with your coaching sticks to provide the mannequin-like training aid used by pro coaches around the world.


The regular retail price of the Visper Training-aid is $49.95 for a single one or 3 for $99.95. As an NSCAC member, your special price would be $34.95 for one and 3 for $72.50. You can visit our website and find the member promo Code in the members-only portion of our website.



If you are having any problems with your membership or have any questions or recommendations please direct them to our e-mail address:  You can also contact us at 416-291-7184.


We hope you sign up as a member and start taking advantage of some of our benefits. 

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