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Alphonso Davies Scored The GOAL That May Change Canadian SOCCER History:10 REASONS WHY

Alphonso Davies Scored The GOAL That May Change Canadian SOCCER History


On Oct 13th, 2021 at BMO field in Toronto at approximately 9:02 in the evening, Alfonso Davies scored a goal for Canada in their FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Panama that may change the course of Canadian Soccer History.

It was a goal that has been seen over and over and analyzed around the world on TV and in social media. The goal came in the 66th minute of play in a game that was tied 1-1 up until that point. It would have been a massive road point for Panama if they could finish the game tied because Panama sat ahead of Canada in the final round of 8 standings. Instead, the goal changed the complexion of the match and Panama fell apart after that goal. Canada surged ahead to scored two more goals to win it 4-1 and sail ahead of Panama in the standings.

But it wasn’t just another goal, it was a magical goal that elevated the confidence of the team, the fans at the stadium, and future fans going forward. In fact, I would say that it was so huge that it will change the course of Canadian soccer history. Before I explain 10 reasons why it could be a pivotal turning point for the sport in Canada, let me explain the goal from where I sat in the first row.

The play developed right in front of me as the ball was heading out-of-bounds with a Panamanian player (Cummings) watching the ball slowly roll out. He was surely getting ready to pick it up for a throw-in.

All of a sudden, I catch Alfonso Davies start a sprint up the field from my left to try and get to the ball before it rolled out. My first thought was, “why is he wasting his energy with this sprint? He’s never going to get to it.”

About 3-4 large paces later, I noticed that his acceleration was just like a horse running out of the gate in a horse race. It was astounding. Then I thought to myself, “Holly shit, (cow if you prefer) he may actually get to it!”

Davies literally got to the ball just as it was 75% over the line but not 100% over. He reached in to steal the ball from the Panamanian player, who was obviously shocked that Davies got there and stole his ball. He tried to plead with the assistant referee that the ball had crossed the line, trying to win an argument he knew he would lose. He did not get the call, rightly so, and Davies proceeded to attack the next and last defender as he entered the box at full speed.

Cummings would be mocked by his own television commentators back in Panama but he also had the best seat in the house to watch Davies, at full speed, beat his covering defender and then slide it past the keeper to produce the finishing touch to that magical moment.

The crowd went insane, the Canadian commentators went ballistic in jubilation, while the Panamanian announcers absolutely lost it on their team cursing at everyone. It was an incredible turning point for Canada. Never before, have Canadian soccer fans been blessed with a player who could single handily turn a game around and score a world class goal.

So here are the top 10 reasons why that goal may change the course of Canadian soccer history.

1. It gave Canada 3 huge points to catapult them over Panama to third place in the Octagon. The top 3 make it to the World Cup in 2022. It also increased their spread over the 5th and 6th place teams. Should Canada make the World Cup, this goal will be remembered as a major turning point.

2. It was the goal that created a new Canadian Superstar to not just soccer fans, (who already knew that) but to all the non-soccer fans in Canada.

3. This goal puts Canada on the soccer/football map world-wide. The goal has already been shown across the world including Sky Sports in England. No Canadian goal has ever done that before for the Men’s National team.

4. Scouts will start looking at players in Canada in a more serious way to try and find gems like Davies, David, Buchanan, and more at a low cost. A player that they can help develop for their own teams or to sell at huge profits. There will be an influx of organizations looking for players from Canada.

As an example, two weeks after this game, a British club (Kettering Town FC) invested in a League One team with Pickering FC in Ontario. I’m sure more will do the same.

5. Sponsors will start looking at sponsoring Canadian Soccer and their Leagues and teams. Generally, in Canada, pro teams and semi-pro teams have a tough time finding sponsorship money. This goal will start the process. If Canada can produce highlights that get millions of views, then maybe sponsors would like to get their logos in there somehow.

6. Media attention for soccer has always been lagging the other sports in Canada. The topic of the day on the day of the game in sports media was the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team’s home opener and baseball’s play-offs. Between periods of the hockey game, many fans switched to the soccer game and caught Davies’ goal during that span and stayed with soccer for the rest of the game. The day after, soccer was the #1 talking point in Canada’s sports media. Future games will continue to garner more media attention for the average sports fan in Canada setting new heights in attendance records and TV ratings.

7. More Canadian kids will start looking to become the next Alfonso Davies and score a goal like his for their country. Not for Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona, or Man United, but for Canada.

8. So many Canadian players with the opportunity to play for other countries based on their heritage, pick to play for the other country instead of Canada. This will change going forward from this moment. Now that Canada is competitive at getting to the World Cup, more players will choose Canada. Getting to a World Cup will give players on the team more air (TV) time around the world increasing their net worth.

In the past Canadians have decided to play for the country of their grand parents instead of where they were born. For example, Owen Hargreaves from Calgary, chose England over Canada and eventually became England’s captain. Recently, Bryan Cristante, who played for Italy in the recent Euro 2020 Championships also had the opportunity to play for Canada. In the future, Canada as an option, will be taken more seriously thanks to the attention that Davies’ goal has garnered for Canada.

9. Canadian sports fans, not just soccer fans will start tuning into soccer a lot more if Canada actually gets into the Men’s FIFA World Cup and there will be more new fans for life.

10. This goal signifies the coming of a superstar who is Canadian. Superstars build fans for the game. Just look at what Michael Jordan did for basketball or what Wayne Gretzky did for hockey in the USA. Tiger Woods practically saved golf and thousands of golf courses from going out of business.

Superstars are vital for selling a sport or team. Outside of Barcelona, no kid wanted to buy a Barcelona jersey to wear until Messi came on the scene. Messi Barcelona jerseys became the #1 selling jersey around the world. Ronaldo has done the same for wherever he has landed.

When someone wears a team jersey because of a player’s name, they advertise the game and the team. Davies’ jersey is already in high demand. Imagine kids around the world wearing a Canada jersey with Davies’ name on the back. Kids in Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, and Europe could be wearing Canada jerseys. What better advertising for a country can there be?

There you have it, my top 10 reasons why the goal by Davies against Panama will rapidly change Canadian Soccer history. It was a HUGE GOAL.

The goal has opened the eyes of many to Canada and the team. Not just Davies. Kids, future players, the game, and the business of soccer in Canada will change faster than ever because of this goal. Mark my word.

Thanks for reading,

John DeBenedictis

Author of the Book, The Last 9 Seconds- The Secrets to Scoring Goals on The Last Touch


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