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NSCAC Newsletter: August 2018

AUGUST 2018:

In this edition of our NSCAC Newsletter, we're featuring articles from Richard Bucciarelli, our Director of Sports Science and President of Soccer Fitness Inc., and Ian McClurg, one of our contributing authors and owner of Ian McClurg Learn Perform Coaching, plus a video demonstration training session for soccer-specific Speed, Agility, and Quickness training by Soccer Fitness Inc.

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Focus on Fitness: How Fitness Helped Croatia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup (by Richard Bucciarelli)

On Sunday, July 15th, in front of a packed crowd at Moscow’s Luzhinski Stadium, the French National Soccer Team won their second FIFW World Cup, beating Croatia – who were making their first-ever appearance at an international final of any kind – by a final score of 4-2.

It was an entertaining match which included great goals, not-so-great goals, and even some controversial goals, but in the end the Croatians came up short against a talented French side.

Neither the French nor the Croatians had an easy path to the World Cup Final, especially in the knock-out rounds.

France likely had the more challenging opposition, having to go through Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium, while Croatia certainly had the higher physical load, having been pushed through 120 minutes of extra time and a penalty shootout against all three of their opponents, Denmark, Russia and England.

The Croatians also got one less day of recovery prior to the Final, having played their Semi-Final on Wednesday July 11th (giving them only 3 days of rest) as opposed to the French who played on Tuesday July 10th (giving them 4 days).

All-in-all, Croatia played 90 extra minutes of soccer – the equivalent of a full match – and had 24 hours’ less recovery than France, ahead of their showdown on Sunday afternoon.

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Player Development: What Players Aged 5-8 Should Focus On (by Ian McClurg)

In the future the best players will be those who can excel in a fast paced environment. There will be even greater demands on technique, tactical understanding and physical conditioning.

Players today are faster and cover greater distances than previous generations. Passing combinations are faster and there is an increased importance on controlling possession. More goals are scored through quick counter-attacking play and decision-making is of critical importance.

I am often asked what young players, aged 5-8 should focus on. This developmental phase is preparation for the critical phase between ages 9-12. The rate of agility and motor skill development is very important as the young players learn the skills of adjusting their body shape to the path of the ball. This is also an important time for young players to begin to understand when to use certain skills during game situations.

Players must have fun and enjoy the learning process. The premise that players develop faster and experience more enjoyment in small side games is universally accepted and proven.


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Video Demonstration Training Session: Speed, Agility and Quickness Training on the Field, With the Ball, by Richard Bucciarelli.

(Check out the warm-up portion of the session)

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