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The Juventus Methodology has finally arrived in Canada

During the last few decades, the grassroots of soccer have been exposed to a multitude of changes which has resulted in great improvements for the learning and teaching process occurring between coaches and players.

Players need to be able to perform at a higher pace with full control of the ball while understanding positioning and movement during the game. Consequently, the modern coaching approach considers the ball a fundamental part of the training session with the goal of improving techniques and enhancing tactical understanding. The greatest outcome of “years of practice” is the existence of many methodologies developed throughout several regions in the world by professional football organizations.

One of the most recognized teaching philosophies is the one Juventus F.C. has developed over the past 121 years of activities and competition in both Serie A and Champions League. That philosophy became an important legacy for Juventus F.C. Academy in Vinovo which is directly under the control of a well established coaching model.

The model has developed to the point that today Juventus F.C. covers 45 countries worldwide with the International Academy project.

One of the biggest challenges from the moment Juventus decided to move outside Italy for a technical project is to check and ensure the program execution is consistent in respect to the guideline from Headquarters. To do so, J-Academy International uses approximately 50 certified Juventus coaches who are trained to coach players and to teach local coaches with the Juventus Methodology. The director of those coaches is the Area Manager (divided in world geographical area) who’s in charge of quality assurance but also to provide support in case of technical and organizational problems.

Today, I want to give a closer look at one of the latest J-Academies opened in the world which is growing quickly without giving up quality and also gaining prestige and respect in the professional soccer world.

Juventus Academy Toronto has only been in operation for 6 months. It started in February 2018 with official tryouts, where 200 players were selected based on 300 registered. The quality selection paid off because the level of the teams today is very competitive and the players are trained at a high intensity keeping individual and team improvements constant and visible.

The teams dominated in the Ontario league during this past summer exemplifying great soccer and understanding of the game as a lot of goals were scored without disrespecting weaker opponents.

The teams also participated in a number of tournaments in US and won most of them, from the GPS Cup in May to the Liverpool Michigan during the summer and the latest Columbus Crew Classic where both our 2009 and 2007 finished in 1st place.

But one of the highlights of the year is the participation in the Juventus Academy World Cup in Italy with players 2006-2007 and from this year 2008-2009. In the last participation we finished in 3rd position and we sent a message to the Juventus Directors confirming the quality of the soccer we are leading in Toronto.

Those are all positive signals that reinforce our Mission. The willingness to adopt a well established training methodology comes before the willingness to win games. Ultimately, the goal is to produce players who are able to compete in the international soccer panorama and to help the Canadian National Team to perform during next World Cup 2026.

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