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Canada Soccer Announces New Roles and Expanded Positions in Technical Department

In January, Canada Soccer announced the hiring and expansion of several roles within its Technical Department as the organization continues to fulfill its Leading Soccer Nation four-year strategic plan. The hiring of a newly created Manager of Development Operations within the Technical Department and expanded roles for the Women’s EXCEL program staff along with the addition of a former member of the Women’s National Team will provide stability to the technical side of the organization and increase capacity to develop programs that impact player and coach development.

“As a leading soccer nation, Canada Soccer continues to build on the pillars that are necessary for our country to realize its full potential,” said Peter Montopoli, General Secretary, Canada Soccer. “We are focussed on supporting players, coaches and officials at all levels of the sport and the hiring of Jason deVos as our Director of Development was an important step in ensuring the growth of our game under the right conditions. We look forward to the contributions from our newest staff members, welcome those who have been with us in the past in different capacities, and congratulate our current staff members on their expanded roles.”

Under the direction of Canada Soccer’s Director of Development Jason deVos, Canada Soccer is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Manager of Development Operations, Dave Nutt. A former National Team Manager with Canada Soccer, Nutt returns to the organization having spent the past eight years with the Saskatchewan Soccer Association where he led the redevelopment of the provincial soccer system in the province. In his role, he led the integration project to align the Saskatchewan player pathway into the Canada Soccer Player Pathway.

“Dave’s ability to be a strategic thinker and to execute and deliver has been very impressive,” said deVos. “We’re excited to bring him on board and he’s sure to become a valuable member of the development team within the Technical Department.”

Within the Women’s EXCEL Program, two current staff members are narrowing their areas of responsibility while a familiar face from the Women’s National Team joins the group in a staff capacity. Bev Priestman will become the National EXCEL Director for the 14-20 year age group with the overall responsibility for the continued development of the National EXCEL programme including our U15, U17 and U20 teams. Joey Lombardi will now take full responsibility for all Regional EXCEL delivery in his new position as Regional EXCEL Director for the 13-17 year old age group.

Following a 15-year career in the Women’s National Team Program that began in 2001 with the National Women’s U-20 Team at the age of 16, Carmelina Moscato will now be the Regional EXCEL Talent Manager, transitioning from her role as a player and bringing those years of experience on the pitch to the sidelines across the country in identifying top young talent. The role was created as part of a new EXCEL initiative to support the transition of elite players into elite coaching positions with an overall vision of “women leading women.

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