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Spring Re-Launch Set For National Coaching Association

Former Canadian Men's National Team Head Coach Tony Waiters Returns as President

The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada (NSCAC) will officially re-launch this spring as a member-based organization providing soccer coaches across Canada with educational opportunities, services, benefits and a collective voice through the publishing of a biannual publication, "The Journal for Soccer Coaches". The NSCAC represents coaches at all levels of the game in Canada, from grassroots volunteers to full time professionals. It is the goal of the NSCAC to provide these coaches with opportunities for personal and professional advancement. The NSCAC identified a need for a strong, unified organization that would assist in the long term development of soccer coaches as instructors and role models for our young players. A recent survey conducted by the NSCAC showed 76% of respondents were in favour of an opportunity to network with other coaches across the country. Former Canadian Men's National Team Head Coach Tony Waiters, the only man to guide our senior men to a FIFA World Cup in 1986, will return as the Association's President. "When we first started the Association in the 90's," Waiters said, "we were living in a different world. Canada is a vast country and to meet on a regular basis in those days meant driving or flying great distances which was time consuming...and very expensive! Now, we have the opportunity of meeting on a regular!" New soccer publication in development The NSCAC's official publication, "The Journal for Soccer Coaches", is currently in development and will be distributed free of charge to member coaches this Spring. The inaugural issue of the Journal will be a 40-page edition with contributions from noted international coaches and coach educators who share training tips, session plans and coaching opinions. Among the more notable contributors are NSCAA Director of Coaching Education Ian Barker, OSA Coaching Development Manager Bobby Lennox and soccer fitness instructor Richard Bucciarelli. The first issue of the Journal will also feature a special 8-page 2017 Tournament & Festival Supplement. The Journal's Managing Editor Alf De Blasis is at the helm of this new Canadian sports publication that will serve the interests of Canadian soccer coaches at all levels of the game and in all regions of the country. "This is an exciting time for soccer coaches in Canada," stated De Blasis. "More and more coaches are establishing themselves at either the club or academy level in full or part time roles and many others have been awarded opportunities at the scholastic level. There is a greater emphasis on coaches sharing resources and a greater spirit of collaboration within the Canadian coaching community. Fully 80% of the respondents to our survey said they would welcome a soccer coaching publication so the Journal will hopefully fill that desire." A prominent figure in Canadian soccer is the subject of the cover story of the first issue and a distinguished retired Canadian player who recently joined the coaching ranks has written a provocative first hand account exclusively for the Journal. Their names will be revealed in an upcoming media release. The NSCAC will endeavour to organize coaching clinics, seminars, conferences and other educational events designed specifically for soccer coaches in Canada. Through its sponsors and partners, the NSCAC will also extend offers of resources, products and related information meant to provide coaches with all the necessary tools and technology needed to perform their daily tasks. About the NSCAC

The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada is a member-based organization designed to provide soccer coaches across Canada with educational opportunities, services, benefits and a collective voice. The NSCAC's vision is to strive to become the most authoritative and representative organization for soccer coaches across Canada, with a mandate to support and promote their collective efforts. For more information, please contact: Alf De Blasis, Director of Marketing & Communications NSCAC E-mail: Cell: (416) 885-8652

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