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Exclusive Jason deVos Interview in The Journal for Soccer Coaches

Appearing several times each week on TSN’s EPL and MLS game broadcasts, as well as SportsCentre inserts and digital updates for, Jason deVos developed a very high profile as a soccer commentator with the Canadian sports network for almost a decade. The former Canadian international defender, who played most of his professional career in the UK, was a highly respected analyst who broke down game situations with ease and expertise.

Midway through the 2016 MLS season, deVos began to scale back his TV appearances as he prepared to step into a new career path, one that will likely become his biggest challenge yet. Since September 2016, DeVos has been the Director of Development for Canada Soccer, overseeing all aspects of the game in Canada from player development to coaching education.

“The Journal for Soccer Coaches” Managing Editor Alf De Blasis recently conducted a wide-ranging interview with deVos, focusing specifically on his role in the development of coaches in Canada. That interview will be featured as the cover story for the new Journal, which will be released in print and on line in early March.

Excerpts from our cover story will be posted on line in the coming weeks so check back frequently to see what else is new at

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