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Includes all of the basic membership items listed below, PLUS:

One (1) official NSCAC Uhlsport T-shirt (retail value: $24.95 +HST)


Two (2) New VISPER Perception Training-aid Mannequin (retail value: $49.95 each; X2 $99.90 +HST) Manufactured by VISPER (Visual Perception Training Aids)


The VISPER Training-aid mannequin is now available in Canada to NSCAC members. Run your session like the Pros at only a fraction of the cost. Air Dummies and competing training Mannequins cost from $125.00 to $450.00 each, making it unaffordable to most coaches. They’re also cumbersome to transport. Now, you can take both VISPER Perception Training-aid Mannequins with you in your gym bag. Designed to work with your coaching sticks (not included), you can make your coaching sessions look professional.
Available in 3 colours. Choose your VISPER colour (Red- Azzurri Blue - Brazil Yellow)

Shipping Charges:

Free Pick up at NSCAC head office in Scarborough: 777 Warden Ave., or at an NSCAC event.
Shipping in Ontario add: $6.00
Shipping to Quebec add: $10.00
Shipping to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta,
Nova Scotia, & New Brunswick: add $13.00
Shipping to BC and Newfoundland add: $15.00
Shipping to any of the Territories add: $25.00

PLUS NSCAC Membership

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