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The VISPER Training-aid mannequin is now available! The product has a regular retail value of $49.95 (Canadian) and is being offered to NSCAC members for $34.95. Login to the Member's Only section of the site to get your exclusive NSCAC discount code.


Run your session like the Pros at only a fraction of the cost. Air Dummies and competing training Mannequins cost from $125.00 to $450.00 each, making it unaffordable to most coaches. They’re also cumbersome to transport. Now, you can take both VISPER Perception Training-aid Mannequins with you in your gym bag. Designed to work with your coaching sticks (not included), you can make your coaching sessions look professional. Manufactured by VISPER (Visual Perception Training Aids)


Available in 3 colours. Choose your VISPER colour (Red- Azzurri Blue - Brazil Yellow)


Shipping Charges: $15 to all territories

NSCAC VISPER Training-Aid Mannequin

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