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AC Lang and Hollie Babut are guests of the NSCAC in this webinar where the women's game is the topic of discussion.

The ball started rolling on this topic when AC Lang was featured in an article in The Toronto Star newspaper. She wanted to raise awareness about barriers that women found when getting into the coaching field.

Hollie has a full time job in coaching thanks to the Pickering Football Club, a very progressive club in many ways. We'll be chronicling her journey.

We're excited to have both of them on our Behind The Bench webinar series.


Besides coaching, we'll also delve into the women's game at all stages from grassroots right up to the pros. Women's Soccer has made amazing strides in just the past few years but have a long way to go. AC Lang, captain of Guelph University Varsity Women's team and League One player, and Hollie Babut, also a captain of a League One team, will be sharing their stories and ideas.


This session promises to be enlightening and AC will also share how she and her group surpassed their fundraising goals to help female coaches.

Behind the Bench, Episode 18: Growing The Women's Game

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