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The NSCAC is a non-profit organization with the intent on adding to the coaching experience. We do not administer certification courses. That responsibility lies with the Provincial and National Associations. We simply look to add to a coach's experience by offering specific seminars on various topics. We also represent the voice of the many coaches on a National basis in order to unite coaches so that they can be heard as a group. If you have issues that you wish to express, please send in your comments to the NSCAC offices in Toronto. If enough coaches have similar issues, then we will represent all coaches in helping to resolve or bring them to everyone's attention. 


In order to be heard, we need your support through membership.

New NSCAC membership offerings coming soon! We are reorganizing, adding benefits and creating a brand new NSCAC membership! Sign-up for our newsletter to stay informed about new developments and offerings.

Member Benefits

  • The Journal for Soccer Coaches

  • Discount on Soccer 360 Magazine and 1 free issue

  • Performance Conditioning Soccer, a publication that focuses on the latest fitness research, exercises, articles, and sessions for soccer coaches

  • FREE access to ByteSize Coaching

  • Exclusive Website Content

  • Discounts on coaching clinics

  • Best of Amplified Soccer Training Quarterly Magazine

  • Access to a community of your peers and leaders in the Canadian soccer community

  • More coming soon...

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