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Coaches are under heavy pressure when held responsible for the consequences of deciding to substitute or to not substitute a potentially injured player who insists they can play.

To Sub or Not to Sub:

The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada (NSCAC) sent a letter to FIFA a few years ago on behalf of ALL Coaches to spur change to the substitution law as it pertains to head injuries. FIFA listened!

The article, TO SUB OR NOT TO SUB, suggested that FIFA change LAW 3 (the Substitution Law) in the case of head injuries. It was published in both The Soccer Journal published by United Soccer Coaches and The Journal for Soccer Coaches published by The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada.

A Podcast was also produced by the NSCAC with host Alf DeBlasis and guests Tony Waiters, John DeBenedictis, and Richard Bucciarelli discussing the NSCAC's proposal, which was sent out through different social media platforms. (The podcast link is below)

It appears that FIFA listened. On Jan 18th 2021, the rules was tested during the Club World cup and is also being tested in leagues around the World. Read more on this HERE:


Article in The Journal for Soccer Coaches and Letter to FIFA on pages 10 and 11 in above link.

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Published in 2017 by United Soccer Coaches: United Soccer Coaches members will be able to find previous issues of the Soccer Journal on their website to read article.

Thanks to SportsEdTV for promoting the NSCAC on their website.

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