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Coaching Clinics and Workshops


List of Clinics and Workshops:


  1. Systems of Play (3-5-2) (4-4-2) (4-3-3) 

  2. Goalkeeping techniques 

  3. Finishing in and around the penalty box 

  4. Playing from the back    

  5. Roles of the defenders in a flat-four

  6. Systems of play (attacking)     

  7. Systems of play (defending)     

  8. Pre-season fitness program 

  9. Nutrition for soccer players

  10. Treating and preventing injuries

  11. Coaching the 6-9 years old players

  12. Coaching the 10-12 years old players

  13. Attacking on the flanks

  14. Playing with three at the back

  15. Coaching the female soccer player

  16. How to Make Practices Fun & Interesting

Please select a session from the list provided or suggest a different session(s) that could be more beneficial to your club.


Location of Workshop: The location is determined and arranged by the individual, group, or organization requesting the workshop.

Duration of Workshop: The length of the workshop can vary from a 2-hour evening session to a full day classroom and field coaching clinic.

Cost of Workshop: Whenever possible, NSCAC will conduct workshops at no cost to the club or organization. If guest coaches and clinicians are engaged by NSCAC to present a particular session, a minimum cost of $40.00/hour plus travelling expenses will be charged to the organization club or organization.


For additional information, contact:  
Tony La Ferrara
NSCAC Director of Coaching
Phone:  416-409-2702
Fax:  416-299-4354



If you would like to be an NSCAC clinician and have some interesting topics you would like to share with fellow members, contact our Technical Director, Tony LaFerrara, and we will add your name to a list of coaches we can call on to make presentations.

Coaching Clinics
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