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What Would You Do if You Were the Coach? (WIN Prizes!)

In our first issue of The Journal for Soccer Coaches, NSCAC Executive Director John DeBenedictis has written an article on the high number of missed penalty kicks in important soccer matches and the stress this puts on coaches. In his article, DeBenedictis poses the following question: “In a rare case when a player misses a penalty kick and another one is awarded in the same game, what would you do if you were the coach?”

Would you allow the same player to take the kick again or would you select another player to take the second spot kick?

We’d like you to tell us what you would do in this situation. Send us your answers by replying in the Comment section below. We’ll select some of your answers and publish them here online and in the Fall issue of the Journal.

A random number of replies will also be eligible for a special NSCAC prize package. Please leave your name and e-mail address so we may contact you, if necessary.

Good luck!

(You can read the full article “2016: The Year of the Missed Penalty Kicks by Superstars and the Stress on Coaches” in the first issue of The Journal for Soccer Coaches, available free to NSCAC members)

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