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Kevin McGreskin, is highly respected as one of the top field vision and game awareness specialists in the country. Kevin is the Technical Director at Soccer eyeQ, and he holds the prestigious UEFA A License qualification through three different national associations - English FA, Irish FA and Welsh FA. 

Over the years, Kevin has worked with many players of various ages and abilities - from first-team professionals to grassroots. His major focus and passion has been the development of field vision and game awareness in all players he works with, using innovative techniques and exercises to improve players' abilities in these essential areas.


Kevin McGreskin will be speaking with our Director of Sports Science, Richard Bucciarelli, about the importance of scanning and game awareness. McGreskin believes the ability to consistently make the best decision is what separates good players from the great ones, and this can only be achieved through a high level of awareness on the pitch.

Behind the Bench, Episode 48: Scanning and Game Awareness PART 2

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